We've got A's for your Q's

Do you work with people virtually?

I do, I would say 70% of my practice is virtual. I work with people all over the country as well as internationally. Telehealth calls can be done via phone or zoom—whichever you prefer! Touchology Reflexology™ therapy method health and healing right from the comfort of your own home! I would love to work with you in taking back control of life from pain addiction and medication free with the “Power of Touch”.  

How do I know reflexology- touchology is for me?

Do you have chronic pain that keeps you up all night? Then it's for you. We've seen members start off riding as little as 5 miles per week and work their way up to 50-mile day trips within a few months.  

Do you accept insurance?

My practice is cash-based. I try my best to keep costs reasonable by only recommending the most necessary integrative health and wellness treatments and a few targeted supplements when needed.

What are your credentials?

I have my Doctorate in Natural and Alternative Health as well as a Master's in Social Work and Certified Pain Relief Educator and Master Reflexologist and Instructor. I am also a Naturopath Health Practitioner (ND) and my expertise is in the cultural integration of healthcare and Reflexology pain relief as an alternative to opioids.  

When can I get started?

Right away! As of May 2017, the app is out of beta and our community is growing by dozens of members each week. In fact, we'd recommend joining as soon as possible—we won't be able to maintain the low introductory price forever.  

What does working with you look like?

Head over to the consult services tab to learn about what my Touchology Reflexology™ sessions look like and what to expect! Because I practice with a root cause of pain approach, every case and person I work with has their own unique recommendations and protocols, but the design and layout of our sessions together are the same across the board (past history, current history, lifestyle, and meals/nutrition) Touchology Reflexology™ pain relief sessions range in time, from 60 minutes for new client consultation to a 90-minute Reflexology online training sessions. Reflexology pain relief training sessions after consultation can be group or individual session. 

What conditions do you commonly work with?

I work with a wide variety of conditions and ailments. I see the work that I do root cause healthcare, being a “healthcare practitioner of pain stress connection cause” I understand and get to the root of the various imbalances that are going on in the body. In our western world, we are always chasing a diagnosis, that is very surface-level. I take a view past just the diagnosis and look at my clients based on the mind body and emotional connection to achieve lasting optimum health and wellness.  

What is the difference between working with you 1:1 vs the Changing Lives with Touchology™ Membership?

The difference between Changing Lives with Touchology™ Membership and my 1:1 options is that my membership is an online platform that contains education, courses, workshops and a community. You do get access to me via the membership for questions. However, the membership does NOT include 1:1 calls with me and personalized protocols, unless you select the premium membership option (access to the membership PLUS a 30 min call with me each month).