My mission is to help you learn how to take back control of your body from stress and pain and pain.

Greetings, I’m Njideka Olatunde!

I believe practitioners should give their clients/patients what they want most…Pain Relief. Relieving pain first and then providing the treatment modality is an effective way to begin the healing process. When pain is gone treatment works in creating a wellness transformation solution in achieving optimum health.

I have been helping and teaching pain sufferers how to relieve pain using the "Power of Touch". We relieve pain using Touchology Reflexology™, a hands-on therapy that assists the body in the natural healing and pain relief process.

Reflexology Pain Relief (RPR) was introduced in 2010 as an alternative to OTC and addiction pain medication in addressing the opioid epidemic plaguing our communities.

To be pain-free, I know what it takes and how to introduce a new idea and therapy that actually works in creating sustainable and effective results for pain sufferers from children to seniors.

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